Leadership. Cooperation. Collaboration.

January 30, 2014

We are pleased to share our report from the conference!

CEEL Conference Report


The Centre for Environment-Economy Learning (CEEL) is very proud to be offering Canada’s energy literacy leaders, practitioners and advocates a unique opportunity to connect, share, learn and be inspired. Energy Literacy Directions is a community conference.

This is a conference that focuses on directions and actions to help the public better understand energy.

The energy literacy community of practice spans across all energy sectors – industry and business; federal, provincial, territorial and local governments; communities of interest including environment, social, and agricultural; and in-school, post-secondary and community education. Practitioners are teachers, community engagement and affairs specialists, concerned community leaders, social and mass media specialists, and others with audiences that are participating in energy decisions as citizens, consumers, careers and constituents.

This two-day conference is the third in a series dating back to February 2009. The focus of this conference is Directions. Where are we now, what are we doing, and where are we going?  What do we hold in common? What are the opportunities to cooperate and to collaborate?